In the autumn of 2017 I produced my play Leda.

It starred Allison Rose Macknick, Baird Brutscher, Lisa Stran, Jeff Broitman, Beka, Johnny Garcia, Danny Glenn, Pete Blatchford, Nathan Jimenez, Janice Kulka, Linsey Summers, and Eustace Allen. It was directed by Pat Henderson with stage manager Deanna Satin. Costumes were by Dame Erickson and sound design by Alvaro Ledesma.

Pete Blatchford in the audience gives you a sense of the venue. Baird Brutscher, Allison Rose Macknick, and Lisa Stran. Top row: Allison, Beka, and Nathan Jimenez.

Danny Glenn, Johnny Garcia. Pete Blatchford, Danny Genn, Eustace Allen, Jeff Broitman, Linsey Summers. Janice Kulka.

Johnny Garcia, Jeff Broitman, Allison Rose Macknick, Eustace Allen, Linsey Summers. Curtain Call.

A last look at the Chorus:

Janice Kulka, Linsey Summers, Eustace Allen.

Original art for the poster by Mary Ann Rohn.